Hello! I am a first-generation Mexican-American, a college student, and twenty-two years old. My parents named me Miryam Gutierrez and that’s what I’m sticking with! I enjoy talking about experiences of being a child of immigrants, belonging to two different cultures, being in college, and pop culture. I like creating posts that people my age and with similar experiences and backgrounds can relate to. So if you are interested in the same things as me please, be my guest and check out what I believe to be my top 5 posts here on Medium.

If you like Bernie Sanders and…

SOU students pose for a photo with their recognitions for being a sustainable school (Photo Credit: Southern Oregon University’s Website)

Now more than ever the world needs to come together and make changes so that tomorrow there is still a world for generations to come. But this world must be more equal amongst all humankind and the United Nations has its goals in hopes to make this a reality.

Countries as a whole, businesses, schools, corporations, families, and each individual have to help if the UN is to reach its 17 sustainable development goals. One school that is putting in their part is Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon. …

President Joe Biden poses with his rescue dog, Major, at Delaware Humane Society(Photo Credit Eyewitness News)

Having pets in the White House has been very common in many administrations throughout the year. The presidents of the United States have been most famously known for having cats, dogs, horses, and other more obscure or uncommon pets.

Right now, the pet to talk about is President Joe Biden’s rescue, Major the German Shepard, who is the first rescue to ever be in the White House. I think this is very important because it gives an example for the rest of the country to follow in the president’s footsteps to not be afraid to Adopt Don’t Shop. …

(Photo Credit to Mariposa de Barrio Facebook)

Dolores Janney Rivera Saavedra most commonly known as Jenni Rivera was an icon in the world of the Regional Mexican music genre but passed away at the peak of her career. Although she still has an incredibly large fan base it has only expanded after the series, Jenni Rivera: Mariposa De Barrio, La Serie, was put on Netflix.

The show was in the top 10 for the streaming website for most of January and into early February. The show aired on Telemundo in June of 2017 but is gaining traction again after the 91 episodes were added to Netflix. …

Tostadas de tinga is a traditional Mexican dish that can help you expand your taste buds and knowledge of Mexican cuisine. In this post, we will also teach you how to make flautas that have similar ingredients. (Photo Courtesy of My Latina Table)

Have you ever been stressed on a Tuesday night with zero clues on what to cook for dinner? Well, I am here to tell you that all you need are three staple ingredients to create two yummy Mexican dinners. All it takes is tortillas, tomatoes, and chicken.

These three inexpensive ingredients make it possible to cook delicious meals and at a reasonable price. If you have these three common ingredients there are a multitude of ways to feed yourself, your family, or someone special when you are in a pinch. The two featured meals will be tostadas de tinga, and…

Why are millennials not buying homes? (Picture Courtesy of Renee Mears)

Settling down and buying a home is not as easy for the generation of millennials as it was for baby boomers or those that came after. Today, millennials are becoming homeowners less and less. Some delay homeownership until they are married and marrying later, some have too much student debt, some are deciding to rent forever, and others simply cannot afford it in today’s economic conditions.

The baby boomers have the highest rate of ownership in the United States with 80% of them being homeowners. This is a stark difference from millennial’s ownership being 1 in 3 for those who…

As student presence on campuses across the state increases, drivers are asked to pay attention to the school zone speed limits again. (Photo Credit: Rosenblum Law)

Paying attention to school zone speed limits stopped being necessary for almost a year now. In March of 2020, Governor Kate Brown ordered all schools to be temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. In April, she announced that students and staff would not be going back to school for the rest of the year.

Thus for close to a year that has been little to no presence of students on campuses across Oregon. This means that if students were not present due to closures, auto motorists could drive with greater speed. Lt. Mike Budreau of the Medford police…

Martin Luther King Jr. (Photo Credit: The Sacramento Bee)

Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day looks different this year amid a pandemic. But Southern Oregon MLK still made it a point to have a live social distanced discussions video event and a challenge to all Southern Oregonians to read the civil rights leader book from 1963, Why We Can’t Wait. They encourage the Rogue Valley to participate in the challenge and register as well through their website.

Encouraging social distancing to keep all people safe while trying to find a way to still celebrate events and life’s big moments has been a challenge seen across the country and world…

Senator Bernie Sanders goes viral after this picture is taken of him at the presidential inauguration on Thursday. (Photo Credit Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images)

Senator Bernie Sanders is one of the most talked-about people in attendance of the 2021 presidential inauguration. Once again, he has gone viral for simply being himself and the world ran with it.

A picture of the senator sitting with his legs and arms crossed and knitted mittens became a viral sensation the day after the event. A snapshot of Sanders was taken by Brendan Smialowski who was at the inauguration on Thursday. There were memes of the senator edited into all sorts of unexpected and funny scenarios.

Here he is edited into a picture sitting on a couch with…

Is surveillance technology and the government going too far? Do citizens still deserve privacy? Sharon Weinberger talks about how this technology is not classified or regulated by the US government. (Picture courtesy of Security Magazine)

There are very little rules and regulations for technologies that are used to survey citizens according to Sharon Weinberger who goes into detail on the topic in her TED talk. Weinberger says, “It turns out these tools of surveillance are almost completely unregulated, because as of today they’re not defined as weapons. But they should be, and we need to regulate them that way”.

Weinberger is a journalist interested in new weapons that are advertised and sold to other countries and how governments and militaries use them. In her TED talk she talks about how the US government does not…

Miryam Gutierrez

SOU student, Mexican American, and proud daughter of immigrants.

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